Banana Banoffi Charlotte

A crunchy biscuit base topped with sliced bananas, toffee sauces, banana cream and garnished with amaretti biscuits, toffee drizzle and milk chocolate shavings.

(Portion size 16)

Belgian Chocolate Crunch

Crunchy chocolate base topped with layers of rich Belgian chocolatetruffle and chocolate muffin pieces, decorated  with chunky chocolate topping.

(Portion size 16)

Cappuccino Torte

Chocolate sponge filled with layers of chocolate mousse and a sweet coffee cream and decorated with rolled chocolate.

(Portion size 16)

Chocolate and Caramel Truffle Torte

Layers of caramel sponge with chocolate truffle and caramel cream. Topped with toffee sauces and chocolate decoration.

(Portion size 16)

Chocolate Brownie Torte

A traditional brownie base toppped with a deep dark chocolate truffle and decorated with rolled chocolate.

(Portion size 16)

Chocolate Cherry Brandy Charlotte

A rich chocolate truffle with layers of chocolate sponge soaked with cherry brandy liqueur, centered with black cherry confit and garnished with whole Maraschino cherries.

(Portion size 16)

Chocolate St Honore

A a choux pastry gateau, rich chocolate truffle and cream filled profiteroles topped with profiteroles and dark chocolate shavings.

(Portion size 16)

Delice of Raspberry, Strawberry and White Chocolate

Sweet vanilla sponge with whole raspberries and strawberries topped with a smooth white chocolate truffle, finished with strawberries and sugar dusted.

(Portion size 14)